Trailer: THE ORPHAN KILLER – Showing at Montreal HorrorFest

Trailer: THE ORPHAN KILLER – Showing at Montreal HorrorFest

As we’ve reported before, The Orphan Killer will be showing at this year’s Montreal HorrorFest, part of the Montreal ComicCon, running from September 14 to September 16.

Matt Farnsworth, the film’s writer/director, will be in attendance, along with two of the film’s stars, Diane Foster and David Backhaus.

The Orphan Killer tells the story of Marcus Miller and his sister Audrey. Orphaned at a young age, Marcus blamed his sister for abandoning him to abusive nuns. Now a twisted adult who’s spent more time in a cruel mask—designed as a punishment by his minders—than out, Marcus begins a reign of terror which, if he has his way, will culminate in Audrey’s slow and painful demise.

The Orphan Killer is touted as the first Slasher figure born of social media, and those nearly 150 thousand Facebook followers certainly bear this out. And he talks, which is enough to make him stand out from the countless masked—and typically mute—killers out there.

The Marcus Miller phenomenon has got me curious, if nothing else. The film looks fairly well-shot, and as long as it doesn’t too often confuse suffering for suspense, I think I might find quite a bit to like in this one.

Less than a month before we find out!

The Orphan Killer at Montreal HorrorFest