Trailer: MURDER UNIVERSITY – Showing at Montreal HorrorFest

Oh man, less than a week to go before the Montreal HorrorFest at which five Slashers will be showing, including Murder University.

After surviving a series of murders that appear to mimic cult-like killings of twenty-odd years ago, Josh Greene teams with Detective Forrester and the Detective’s daughter, Meg, in the hopes of putting an end to the brutal killings once and for all.

Like Bloody, Bloody Bible Camp and Famine, Murder University takes a retro approach to the subgenre; even the trailer contains a few ironic winks at fans of the low budget ’80s Slashers so the film’s gotta be packed with ’em.

Murder University will be screening at the Montreal HorrorFest on Saturday, September 15, at midnight.

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Also, be sure to read this interview with Murder University director Richard Griffins on GoLocalProv, a Rhode Island news site.

Now watch the trailer below.