Toronto After Dark Film Festival Releases First 10 Titles

Toronto After Dark Film Festival Releases First 10 Titles

Awright, up front, I’ll admit I was more than a little disappointed in the first list of ten movies to show at the 2012 Toronto After Dark Film Festival.

See, first of all, there were zero Slashers included. Of course, that’s no major surprise, but, hell, I write about Slasher films here so, when a film festival shows no Slasher films, they leave me with precious little to write about.

But to add insult to disappointment, seven of the ten films on the list had played at this year’s Fantasia Film Festival, right here in Montreal. So, yeah, I’ve already seen those films that interested me.

That said, Toronto After Dark will be showing my favorite of the films I saw at Fantasia: Grabbers (check my mini review). They’ll also be showing Excision, which left me cold but was undeniably well-crafted and a big hit at Fantasia.

It should be noted that Toronto After Dark will show one film I am interested to see and was not screened at Fantasia: Rec 3. I loved Rec, enjoyed Rec 2, and Rec 3 looks fantastic (I don’t only watch Slashers).

So, anyway, as a horror movie lover, After Dark has got me mildly interested but far from rushing to grab tickets or book a hotel room. As a follower of Slasher films, well, I am bereft. Woe is me.

The Toronto After Dark Film Festival runs from October 18 to 26.

Check the first ten on the Toronto After Dark site

Of course, I’ll be keeping a sharp eye out for the next screening announcement.

(To feed your Slasher-loving soul, check out this great interview with John Carpenter in the National Post, in which the Slasher master discusses his influences, including Hitchcock and the Gialli, as well as his belief that the future of narrative horror resides in video games)