Today at the Montreal HorrorFest: Old 37 and a Q&A with Kane Hodder

Today at the Montreal HorrorFest: Old 37 and a Q&A with Kane Hodder

Awright, so what’s on for tonight at the Montreal HorrorFest? A buncha stuff, but, in my books, the can’t miss event is a screening of Old 37, starring Kane Hodder and Bill Moseley, followed by a live Q&A with the film’s producer, Paul Travers, and Hodder himself!

In a film Dread Central called “a blood-soaked, Slasher fan’s wet dream that promises to satiate every hardcore horror aficionado to the core,” Hodder and Moseley play a pair of ambulance-driving brothers who get their kicks intercepting emergency calls and torturing accident victims in the back of their aid wagon turned meat wagon.

Aw, #SlasherBros

To be totally honest, I’m keeping my expectations…moderated. This thing sounds distinctly torture-porny, I couldn’t find a trailer for it, and the director is listed as Alan Smithee…never a good sign.

BUT, Matt Boiselle at Dread Central liked it, and the pairing of Hodder and Mosley is certainly interesting, while the Q&A with the former, led by Fangoria managing Editor Michel Gingold, should be fantastic; that’s what makes this event a must see!

The screening begins at 7pm, in room 518a of the Montreal Palais des congrès (congress center), with the Q&A immediately following the film.

See you there!