This SMILEY Clip Should Make You . . . um, Smile

This SMILEY Clip Should Make You . . . um, Smile

Smiley is set for a limited theatrical release October 12, and has landed the first official clip from the film.

The clip is dialogue heavy but, hell, with Slashers, those kinda scenes are often the most telling. Does the director know what he’s doing, even when the blood ain’t flying? Are the actors any good? How’s the writing? Based on this scene, I’d say not too bad at all on all fronts.

Of course, what’s got most people’s attention–mine included–is the titular killer’s look. Smiley is easily one of the creepiest, most original masked killers I’ve seen in a long while.

The film follows Ashley, played by Caitland Gerard, who discovers an urban legend in which a killer can be brought forth via the internet. Kinda like Candyman meets Google, I guess.

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