The HALLOWEEN Remake That Could’ve Been

The HALLOWEEN Remake That Could’ve Been

Bloody Disgusting received this pitch reel from Federico D’Alessandro. D’Alessandro was head Storyboard Artist and Animatics Supervisor on such films as Captain America, Avengers, Iron Man 3, as well as Thor and Thor 2.

He presented this black and white Animatic to Platinum Dunes, back when they were still producing the Halloween reboot (which they aren’t anymore), in the hopes of landing the director’s chair on the project.

There’re no details on story or plot, just an introductory prologue featuring two officers called to a burning building.

The Animatic has a certain comic book feel—and not just because it is literally animated. The tone and scope reminds me of something a Crow-era Alex Proyas might have put together, or maybe Guillermo Del Toro. If I’d been told this was actually a pitch reel for a Batman reboot, I might have believed it—until those last few seconds.

That last scene, in fact, is pleasantly intense but, overall, I dunno if I’d have been sold . . . though I still enjoyed this snippet more than I did either of Rob Zombie’s Halloween films.

Watch D’Alessandro work below, then leave a comment, then check the full article on Bloody Disgusting.