Second Wave of 2012 Fantasia Film Festival Titles Rolls In

Second Wave of 2012 Fantasia Film Festival Titles Rolls In

Okay, now we’re getting a better idea of what’ll be up for viewing at this year’s—the sixteenth—Fantasia Film Festival, right here in Montreal.

On June 19th, the first announcements were made, a list of films that included V/H/S, the anthology horror film directed by such new blood as Ti West and Adam Wingard.

Now, in this second batch, we get a few more interesting titles. I didn’t spot any definite Slashers, but several of the descriptions seemed promising nonetheless.

For example, Boneboys was written by Kim Henkel, who wrote the original The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Cold Blooded has an Assault on Precinct 13 feel to it.

Dread Central has the trailer for Cold Blooded and stills for Boneboys and other films showing at Fantasia

The Tall Man, starring Jessica Biel (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake) and directed by Pascal Laugier (Martyrs), is described as a thriller that revolves around the disappearances of children from a small town.

See a trio of international posters for The Tall Man on Shock Till You Drop

Hidden in the Woods, Under the Bed, Toad Road, and Sleep Tight also all sound intriguing.

See the complete announcement and list of films on Twitch (oddly, it appeared there before it did on Fantasia’s official site).

The Fantasia Film Festival runs from July 19 to August 7. Gonna be in Montreal? What’re you gonna be seeing?