Rites of Spring Trailer and Images

Rites of Spring Trailer and Images

So this week’s trailer is for the upcoming Rites of Spring, out on VOD and a limited theatrical release July 27.

The film stars AJ Bowen and Anessa Ramsey and is directed by Padraig Reynolds. Plot-wise: kidnappers flee to what they think is an abandoned school but stumble into a Spring-time scrificial ritual involving what appears to be a sort of creature-Slasher.

Check out the trailer above and the images below. The images were first released by Dread Central, Bloody Disgusting, and Slasher Studios.

Visit the official Rites of Spring website here

Rites of Spring Retro Poster

Rites of Spring Poster

Rites of Spring Images

Rites of Spring Wormface Images

Rites of Spring Movie Images