New Clip and Image from TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D

New Clip and Image from TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D

A new image and clip from the upcoming Texas Chainsaw 3D have been released.

Gotta say, I’m feeling less and less interested in this film. It’s meant as a direct sequel to the 1974 original, which is fine, but it’s rather hard to imagine exactly why it’s necessary. What can it possibly add to the original? Sure, this one’s in 3D but, personally, I hate 3D.

Speaking to people who’ve seen advance copies of the film, their reaction has been less than enthusiastic. That’s no surprise, but it’s still disappointing.

The image below is interesting, but the clip (below the image) is, well, pretty dull. I mean, c’monĀ . . . it includes a one-liner. A freakin’ one-liner.


Anyway, check the image below and the clip below that.