Linnea Quigley Film, SCREAM QUEEN, Finally Unleashed

Linnea Quigley Film, SCREAM QUEEN, Finally Unleashed

It only took fourteen years . . .

Dread Central reports that a lost Linnea Quigley film, oh so fittingly titled Scream Queen, is to finally be released as part of the Syracuse Horror and More Film Festival and will later make its way to DVD courtesy of LEO Films.

The film was directed by Brad Sykes and, according to the press release, features Quigley as Malicia Tombs, a fictional scream queen killed in a freak onset accident. A year later, the cast reunite at an isolated mansion to complete filming. But the members of the cast and crew are soon killed one-by-one, possibly by a vengeful Malicia herself.

Scream Queen is being dubbed as a horror comedy and certainly sounds like it could be fun. Hell, I’ll never say no to more Linnea.

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Linnea Quigley in Scream Queen