Kane Hodder and Zach Galligan Talk Hatchet 3

Kane Hodder and Zach Galligan Talk Hatchet 3

Some impossibly interesting news has been trickling, splashing, and flooding out of this year’s Sand Diego ComicCon (what I’ve been reading about Pacific Rim and Elysium have me wishing this were a science fiction film site), but so far, little information regarding any Slashers has been forthcoming.

The good folk at Dread Central, however, have had a chance to speak with both Kane Hodder and Zach Galligan to talk the upcoming Hatchet 3.

Hodder returns as Victor Crowley, of course, while Galligan plays a police officer recruited by Danielle Harris’s character, Marybeth.

According to Hodder, the kills is Hatchet 3 are even more over-the-top than in 2 (I’m not entirely sure that’s a good thing; I personally thought that, though some were funny, the kills in Hatchet 2 were a tad too cartoony).

Just as Hatchet 2 continued off of Hatchet, Hatchet 3 begins where Hatchet 2 left off and follows a search and recovery team sent into the swamp.

Hatchet 3 is written by Adam Green and directed by BJ McDonnell.

Check the full interview on Dread Central

You can also see the Hatchet 3 teaser poster below.

Hatchet 3 Comic Con Teaser Poster