Indie Slasher DON’T GO ON THE TRAIL Hits DVD on Halloween

Indie Slasher DON’T GO ON THE TRAIL Hits DVD on Halloween

The Tampa Bay Newspaper’s TBN Daily has an interview with writer-director Jody S. Dean on his Slasher feature Don’t Go on the Trail, to be released on DVD this coming October 31.

Dean describes his film as “a relentless rape/revenge horror slasher film with suspense, thrills and chills,” adding that “the film is hardcore horror.”

The interviewer, Lee Clark Zumpe, draws comparison with I Spit on Your Grave, but, reading the brief synopsis, I was reminded of Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet. Of course, if you’ve read my review of Blood Night, you know I pretty much hated that film, and I am really no fan of rape/revenge flicks, but I’ll give Dean the benefit of the doubt, given that he lists among his influences Hatchet and Wrong Turn, two movies I loved.

Dean was clearly working with the lowest of low budgets, but that’s often what indie filmmaking is about, so give the trailer a watch and see what you think.

And please do read the full interview on TBN Daily.

You can also visit the official Don’t Go on the Trail Facebook Page.

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