Fantasia 2012: A Post Mortem – Part 1

Fantasia 2012: A Post Mortem – Part 1

I`ll be totally honest: I haven`t been overly impressed by the films I`ve seen at Fantasia so far. They haven`t been terrible, they jusy haven`t been anything special. With one exception–that being Replicas, which was excellent–the movies I`ve watched so far have been average at best.

I`ve still got five films to see and have high hopes for Grabbers, Boneboys, and Sleep Tight, but thus far, there`ve been no stand-outs, no Stake Land or Troll Hunter, no movies I can`t wait to see again and buy on DVD.

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What have you seen at Fantasia 2012 so far? What did you enjoy, like, hate?