Directors and Stars of JACOB and THE ORPHAN KILLER to Attend Montreal HorrorFest

Directors and Stars of JACOB and THE ORPHAN KILLER to Attend Montreal HorrorFest

It’s been confirmed that several members of the casts and crews of both Jacob and The Orphan Killer will be attending this year’s Montreal HorrorFest, part of the Montreal ComicCon, running from September 14 to September 16 (less than a month away!).


Stars Grace Powell and Dylan Horne (who plays the titular character) will be joined by Jacob writer/director Larry Wade Carrell and available for question after the screening.

I’d reported on Jacob some time ago and remain anxious to see this one. Everything I’ve heard points towards Jacob being the rarest of rarities: a character-driven Slasher. I just hope I’m not letting my hopes rise too high. Very excited.

Be sure to check out the teaser trailer.


Also attending HorrorFest will be Matt Farnsworth, creator of social media darling The Orphan Killer. Along with the director will be the Orphan Killer himself, David Backhaus (let’s be clear, the guy is an orphan who is also a killer, not some jackass who kills orphans—that would be the most oddly specific and unaccountably sad premise for a Slasher ever), and Final Girl Diane Foster.

I’m still not sold on The Orphan Killer, simply due to my distinct distaste for torture horror and it’s infection of otherwise good Slasher films. Still, nearly 150 thousand Facebook fans can’t all be wrong, so I’m looking forward to this one too.


Check the full list of guests on the HorrorFest site.

Get your tickets through the Montreal ComicCon site.

Orphan Killer at Montreal HorrorFest

Jacob at Montreal HorrorFest