Cold Prey 2 (2008)

Cold Prey 2 (2008)

Cold Prey 2 (aka Fritt Vitt 2 and Cold Prey 2: Resurrection) begins just moments after the end events of its predecessor (and, in fact, for those of you who havn’t yet seen Cold Prey, this review may include some spoilers). Staff at a small hospital are finishing up a final shift before the hospital closes for good when Jannicke, the sole survivor of the first film, is brought in.

I’m sure, upon reading the above sentences, many of you were reminded of Halloween 2. And, yes, Cold Prey 2 shares much with Halloween 2, and I’d go as far as to say that Cold Prey 2 is the Halloween 2 remake we should’ve gotten. The Cold Prey movies don’t try to reinvent the wheel; they know exactly what they are trying to be and trying to accomplish, and they do it extremely well.

Upon being brought in to the hospital, Jannicke tells the hospital staff, and later the police, about the madman who lives in the basement of the abandoned hotel and slaughtered her friends. She tells them that the killer’s victims and the killer’s body can be found at the bottom of a crevasse near the hotel. The police not only find the crevasse, the dead, and the killer, but they bring the bodies back to the hospital. I’m sure it’ll surprise no one to learn that the killer wasn’t quite as dead as Jannicke had thought—or hoped.

The beauty of Cold Prey 2 is that it works just as well as a standalone film as it does a sequel. Even if you haven’t seen the first Cold Prey (though you should), you’re sure to enjoy the sequel, just as fans of the first film will find that this second part in the trilogy builds upon its predecessor.

Tension is built slowly, with Jannicke first found wandering a lonely road then brought to the hospital, the police searching the crevasse . . . then searching it again. When the killer finally wakes, the tension is kicked up a notch, the setting of the nearly-abandoned hospital used to great effect.

Jannicke, though, played by Ingrid Bolso Berdal, is the movie’s true core. She is a fantastic Final Girl, less like Laurie Strode and more reminiscent of Ellen Ripley. Like Sigourney Weaver’s iconic character in Aliens, Jannicke has survived a terrible ordeal, is traumatized, but is also wiser, better equipped than anyone else to handle the horror as it resumes. And like Ripley, Jannicke goes from being on the defensive to taking the fight to the antagonist. She’s even saddled with protecting a child. Jannicke is easily one of my favorite Slasher Final Girls and I was disappointed to learn that she would not be featured in Cold Prey 3.

If Cold Prey 2 has a single weakness it’s that the kills are less than memorable. They are well-done, but far from creative. Of course, as mentioned, the film relies more heavily on creating tension than it does on gore and splatter, and, with most modern Slashers offering little more than the red stuff, that’s actually kinda refreshing.

Cold Prey 2 is beautifully shot and, stylistically, it never calls too much attention to itself. I can’t speak to the acting, given that my copy of the film was dubbed in French (unfortunately, Cold Prey 2 and 3 were not released in North America), but it seemed fine to me. Cold Prey 2 is more akin to those early Halloween films than to any other modern slasher and, as mentioned, with only a few tweaks, it would have made a great Halloween 2 remake.

Highly recommended.

Length: 86 min

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