Clownin’ Around with STITCHES in UK Trailer

Clownin’ Around with STITCHES in UK Trailer

Dread Central has released the newest images and UK trailer for clown Slasher Stitches.

Stitches follows a familiar premise, with a weirdo meeting his untimely end due to the cruel machinations of children, only to return from the grave years later with vengeance in mind.

The weirdo, in this case, is Richard Grindle, a bottom-tier clown who goes by Stitches, played here by popular British comic Ross Noble.

Now, coulrophobia has been mined by horror filmmakers for years—often in Slashers—but we haven’t seen it done effectively since Tim Curry’s turn as Pennywise in the movie adaptation of Stephen King’s novel It.

So how does Stitches stack up? Well, looks-wise, he doesn’t come close to Curry’s pantscrappingly awesome portrayal; Stitches is more creepy uncle than demonic hell-jester. But the trailer points to a suitably dark tone, with the humour likely to add a disturbing patina to the gore and violence rather than softening it.

Based on this trailer, the film seems to strike a pretty a good funny-to-scary balance—more Child’s Play or A Nightmare on Elm Street, and less Seed of Chucky or Freddy’s Dead.

Stitches opens October 25th.

Check the trailer below then wander on over to Dread Central for more.