Blood Red Films Reveals Cast Listing for AXEMAN AT CUTTER’S CREEK

Blood Red Films Reveals Cast Listing for AXEMAN AT CUTTER’S CREEK

Independent production company Blood Red Films just sent out the final cast listing for Axeman at Cutter’s Creek, a feature film heading into production this September.

Just as interesting as the cast listing, which includes Scream Queen Brinke Stevens as the local Sheriff, is the list of brief character bios that accompanied it.

Axeman cast list

We’d reported on Axeman a week ago, and mentioned that the film is meant as a throwback to the straight-forward, madman-hunting-teens Slashers of the ’80s. Well, the characters as described in the cast list certainly bear this out.

Every cliché character is present—as it should be for any self-respecting ’80s-style Slasher—from the self-absorbed beauty queen (played by Eliza Kiss) and friendly joker (J. Scott) to the jealous jock (Dylan Hobbs) and the unstable bad boy (Ray Trickitt).

The filmmakers have also included a group of criminals looking to score, as well as what appears to be a complicated love triangle, but they’ve thrown in a modern twist or two as well, including a burgeoning lesbian relationship.

A picture of what the filmmakers are hoping to accomplish with Axeman is beginning to take shape, and—though I wonder if it’s possible to capture that ’80s feel without falling into goofy parody—I like what I’ve seen and heard so far.


From the press release, here’s the full cast listing and character bios:

THE AXEMAN (Scot Pollard) – The title character who may or may not be the local legend that terrorizes the town every few years and vanishes into the forest without a trace

PAULIE (Ray Trickitt) – A career criminal recently released after serving 10 years at Folsom State Prison and looking for a big score.

CASSIDY (Chantelle Albers) – Former collegiate track star and estranged friend of Stacy who finds herself in a love triangle with Stacy’s new beau and her current beau Doug.

STACY (Elissa Dowling) – Former collegiate track star and estranged friend Cassidy’s who finds herself at odds with the childhood friend she’s always known and loved.

DENISE (Tiffany Shepis) – A career criminal looking for a large enough score to walk away from the dangerous life she’s chosen.

VALE (Carlos Javier Castillo) – Childhood friend of Paulie’s from around “the block” that master-minded their new heist but realizes Paulie may be a liability.

SHERIFF CHARLENE WOPUZER (Brinke Stevens) – Small town Sheriff that knows all-too-well the legend of the Axeman at Cutter’s Creek and patrols the area like clockwork to protect her townspeople.

DEPUTY DARLENE WHITFIELD (Arielle Brachfeld) – The party girl daughter of Mayor Whitfield who doesn’t take her job seriously in the least.

TAMMY (Jamie Bernadette) – Long time friend of Doug and Randy who finds herself in a new relationship with a woman she’s longed to be with since college, Liz.

LIZ (Erin Marie Hogan) – Long time friend of Stacy and Vivian that finds herself in her first lesbian relationship with Tammy and wrestles with what that means to herself and the group.

VIVIAN (Eliza Kiss) – Liz and Stacy’s best friend and fiery, vain princess who is far too accustomed to the wandering eyes of men and loves to torture those that pursue her.

ADELE (Paula Tracey Wilson) – Deputy Darlene’s retired school teacher that moonlights as the front desk administrator at the Sheriff’s office.

BRIAN (Stephen Eith) – Stacy’s current beau, who finds himself caught in the middle of a love triangle between moving forward with her or rekindling the flame with Cassidy.

DOUG (Dylan Hobbs) – Cassidy’s current jock beau, who is acutely aware of Cassidy’s wandering heart and struggles to find what it takes to keep the relationship healthy while refraining from beating Brian to a pulp.

RANDY (J. Scott) – The jokester of the group that has only remained close with Darren over the years and finds himself the last of the them holding on to his youth.

MAURICE (Dave Hernandez) – Local tour guide who reluctantly takes the group up the mountain to Cutter’s Creek, knowing what ultimately awaits them as the sun sets. He debates whether to stay or leave them to their own devices.

DARREN (Joston Theney) – As close friend of Randy and current admirer of Vivian, he seems to be the only member of the group that has moved forward with his life as an adult willingly but still carries a torch for the girl of his dreams.


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