Avoid bloody legends

Use this handy tool modeled on the ever-so-fun and adaptable game Mad Libs to identify potential Slasher-creating legends.

Fill in the blanks with relevant information gleaned from your research into the legend you’ve encountered.

“Years ago, (1. Enter name or descriptive noun) was (2. Enter verb denoting a violent or traumatic event) by (3. Enter noun). Now, (Enter same name or noun used for 1) stalks the (4. Enter noun describing location) and (5. Enter verb denoting a violent act) every (6. Enter noun, likely same as or related to noun entered for 3) he comes across.”

Here’s an example, using a fictional Slasher I just invented:

“Years ago, Shabadoo the Slasher was beaten and urinated upon by a band of hipsters. Now Shabadoo the Slasher stalks used record shops and eviscerates every hipster he comes across.”

It won’t fit every Slasher legend, but it’s a good place to start.

Avoid bloody legends

“. . . and all that killing took place right here. Which is why this was the perfect place to build Camp Kill-a-Teen.”