A tip from Brinke Stevens: Never give in to fear

A tip from Brinke Stevens: Never give in to fear

Since her first appearance on screen in The Slumber Party Massacre, Brinke Stevens has been at both ends of the blade on countless occasions, giving and receiving. To any potential Final Girl, Ms Stevens’ advice should be viewed not just as useful but as freakin’ gospel.

Here’s some of her advice based on her experience playing Sheriff Charlene Wopuzer in Axeman at Cutter’s Creek, currently in post-production:

“In Axeman, I come face-to-face with a ruthless serial killer. To prepare for my role, I re-watched American Gothic (an awesome 1996 TV-show) to study actor Gary Cole’s portrayal of a tough, small-town, southern sheriff. I noticed how he never blinks — he just stares you down with unshakable confidence. I think the first survival tip is to stay strong, and avoid becoming a fearful, quivering, helpless victim.”

You’ll feel fear, terror even, facing down a Slasher and his creepy-mask, but keep a lid on it, show him he’s got work to do before he manages to get to you.

Brinke Stevens in BLEED 4 ME

For the next few weeks we’ll be featuring Survive-a-Slasher tips from the ladies of Axeman at Cutter’s Creek.

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