A tip from Arielle Brachfeld: Invest in quality beer

A tip from Arielle Brachfeld: Invest in quality beer

Normally, we would not recommend drinking while in a Slasher-prone situation. Yet, it is difficult to argue against Arielle Brachfeld‘s assertion that “it would suck if your last earthly beverage was something crappy.”

Honestly, there’s something almost zen-like about Brachfeld’s unique and unexpected advice.

So, with that in mind, we here at The Final Girl decided to share a few of our own favorite beers. Now, we have a special love for Belgian beers, such as Hoegaarden and Stella Artois, but seeing as we are currently based in Montreal, we thought we’d focus on our favorite local brews.

Unibroue, out of Chambly, Quebec, produces a number of fine beers, including an excellent honey lager, but they make especially good, and strong, artisinal beers, such as La Fin du Monde (literally The End of the World), La Maudite (The Damned), and Ephemere (Ephemeral). These hover around the 9% alcohol mark and the Unibroue site provides suggestions on how to best match your meal to your choice of beer.

Boreale, of Blainville, have recently released an excellent India Pale Ale, our new favorite. It has a bitter, citrusy flavor that recalls grapefruit and tastes stronger than it actually is.

Be sure to try these if you get the chance, and why not leave a comment with your suggestions for last beer?

In addition to giving fantastic advice, Arielle Brachfeld plays Deputy Darlene Whitfield in the cupcoming Axeman at Cutter’s Creek.

Check out our full interview with Brachfeld and stick around for more Survive-a-Slasher tips from the ladies of Axeman!