Two New Slasher Films in Production: AXEMAN and STAGE FRIGHT

Two New Slasher Films in Production: AXEMAN and STAGE FRIGHT

Dread Central first reported on The Axeman at Cutter’s Creek, what appears to be an unapologetically typical backwoods Slasher (and, hell, there’s nothing to apologize for anyway). It’s slated to start filming in September and features Brinke Stevens as part of the cast. Stevens is a bona fide Scream Queen on par with her friend Linnea Quigley. She starred in the first Slumber Party Massacre and an image from one of her more famous scenes is featured in our review of that film.

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According to Shock Till You Drop, Jerome Sable, director of the horror-musical short, The Legend of Beaver Dam, will be helming a new Slasher to be titled Stage Fright (no connection to the 1987 Slasher film of the same name)—and it’s also set to be a musical and starring Meat Loaf. According to the plot synopsis, the film features “Metal Killer, a masked slasher who screams death metal while hunting down every last one of his sworn enemies.”


Here’s hoping the combination of horror, music, and Meat Loaf can spawn another cult sensation!

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Meat Loaf in Stage Fright

Meat Loaf, moments before eating Nell Campbell