Trailer: FAMINE – Showing at the 2012 Montreal HorrorFest

Trailer: FAMINE – Showing at the 2012 Montreal HorrorFest

Famine appears to be a movie made to look like one of those old late-’70s and early-’80s drive-in films. In fact, the trailer reminded me not so much of other films as of another trailer: the fake Grindhouse one Eli Roth made for Thanksgiving.

So, yeah, Famine, a Canadian feature that’ll be getting its world premiere at midnight on Friday, September 14, at the Montreal HorrorFest, doesn’t look to take itself too damn seriously.

Let’s put it this way: the film features a school mascot as the killer and the school itself is named Sloppy Secondary.

The graduating class are holding a ’24-hour Famine’ when the lights go out, the exits are blocked, and the huge-headed mascot begins slashing his way through students. Could the killing be in retaliation for the death-by-acid of a teacher two years prior, or just Slasher-dom’s first Plushy killer?

The film is meant as an homage to films like Slaughter High and described as a ‘retro-rampage’ and a ‘colourful kill-a-minute gorefest.’

Famine is directed by Ryan Nicholson (Gutterballs) and stars Christine Wallace, Michelle Sabiene, Nathan Durec, Beth Cantor and Christopher Lomas.

Check the trailer below and then the Famine profile on the Montreal HorrorFest site