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We want your Slasher film reviews. We want dozens of opinions on dozens of Slasher movies. We want them old and we want them new and we want them negative and we want them positive.

Submit your review by scrolling to the bottom of this page, but before you send your review, please read through these guidelines—doing so’ll make things easier on all of us and up your chances of seeing your review on the site.

So, firstly, what should you include?

  • In the subject line of your e-mail, include the word “Review” and the title of whatever film you’re reviewing.
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  • And what about your review, what should that look like?
  • Honestly, we’re not too picky; if you’re piece is of an okay length, fairly well written, and includes a few good points, we’ll probably publish it.
  • But following these guidelines will just about guarantee it gets posted:
  • Keep it within a hundred words and about five-hundred words (we’re not strict, but don’t overdo it either way).
  • Be clear and concise, don’t ramble. We can fix grammar and spelling mistakes, but we can’t fix stuff that makes no sense.
  • Make your case. Don’t just tell us the film sucked; tell us exactly why it sucked. Don’t just say it’s the best movie ever; back it up with a well constructed argument.
  • Also—and this is really important—you can review any Slasher film (even if it’s already been reviewed a dozen times) but only a Slasher film. To help you out, here’s a growing list of Slasher films.

Other suggestions?

Sure. Don’t use offensive language, it serves nothing. Don’t refer to previously-posted reviews, that’s what the comments section is for.

And now for a touch of legal-esque stuff:

We won’t pay you for a review. Sorry. But the review remains yours, always. We maintain no exclusivity, so after (or before) posting it with us, you can post your review anywhere else. If ever, for any reason, you want your review taken off the site, just send us an e-mail saying so and it’ll be done. We will make grammar and spelling corrections, but we will not omit or otherwise change any part of your text. If we feel changes are needed, we’ll either ask you to make those changes or simply not post it. Needless to say, we don’t guarantee that any one review will be posted.

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