Is It a Slasher: The Crow (1994)

On the face of it, the answer seems simple enough. Is The Crow a Slasher film? No, of course it isn’t. I mean, hell, it isn’t even a horror movie so how could it possibly belong to a subgenre of horror cinema? But . . . hang on, are we sure it doesn’t fit the category?

Try this: think back to the film, to the events and scenes that make it up, but imagine it from the villains’ point of view. Imagine T-Bird and the gang as the protagonists and the film becomes something completely different.

With the above in mind, here’s how I’d describe it: A group of cause the deaths of a woman and her boyfriend; a year later, the friends are being picked off one-by-one, often killed using items—knives, drugs, a car—associated with each friend; eventually, it is revealed that the killer is the boyfriend, back from the dead, imbued with invincibility and sporting terrifying make-up.

That doesn’t just sound like a Slasher, it sounds like a pretty typical Slasher. Of course, revenge isn’t enough to make it a Slasher, but when you consider the creative kills, the fact that the victims are shown indulging in subversive “fun”, and that the supernatural element makes of the killer a seemingly unstoppable force, you have something not unlike the later Friday the 13th films, just told from the killer’s perspective.

I’d say The Crow is actually an excellent Slasher.

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