Fantasia 2012 Schedule is Up and Loaded

Fantasia 2012 Schedule is Up and Loaded

So we’re now exactly one week out from the 2012 Fantasia Film Festival start date here in Montreal, and the schedule has now been released!

The festival runs from Thursday, July 19, to Thursday, August 9.

Tickets will be on sale as of 1pm next Tuesday, July 17, online, Concordia Hall Theatre box office, and the Cinémathèque Québécoise.

Individual tickets are $9 ($10 online or by phone) or, as I plan to do, you can grab a ten ticket pack for $80 ($81.50 online or by phone).

Check out the full 2012 Fantasia Film Fest schedule here

Get all ticket info here

Only two films look like potential Slashers to me—Inbred and, possibly, Sleep Tight—but some of these titles look too fun (Dead Bite) and interesting (The Tall Man, Under the Bed) to pass up.

I’ll put up my watch list once my tickets are in hand and confirmed.

Lemme know what you plan to see!